Anydata Limited is the company set up by Fred Youhanaie in 1988 for carrying out freelance IT consulting work.

Professional bio: After obtaining a BSc in Computer Systems Engineering in 1982 from University of Warwick Fred started work as programmer at Joint European Torus in Oxfordshire. The five year stint at JET was then followed by a number of medium to long term contract assignments at Scientific Computing Service, Laurentian Milldon, BT Research Laboratories, GPT, British Gas Services, JP Morgan, Sun Microsystems, Rabobank International, AT&T Communications, University of Oxford (Oxford Supercomputing Centre and Oxford e-Science Centre), GlaxoSmithKline and Goldman Sachs.

As for the types of assignments, the 80s were focused on programming (Fortran, C and SQL), while the 90s were mostly spent on systems integration and management, mainly Sun/Solaris and Linux with traces of HP-UX and AIX. The noughties has seen a mix of high performance and grid computing, business continuity planning and system management. So far the 2010s has covered a mix of backup/storage, DevOps and study (Maths degree at Open University!)

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